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South china sea research paper

south china sea research paper

in the region and beyond. A similar distinction appears to divide Singapore and the PRC over the degree to which a South China Sea code of conduct should be binding. Such differences recently presented key points of contention and friction between the PRC and Singapore. Nick Bisley, La Trobe University, no-one knows quite how things will play out, but most likely Xi will bend the norms of the party to allow him to place enough supporters in key posts without completely upending the system. Even though Singaporean Chinese may speak languages and share cultural practices that originated from what is today the PRC, they are no more Chinese citizens than French-Canadians are French citizens. Convention on the Law of the Sea. The BRI obviously presents opportunities for Singapore. Prosperous neighbours are likely to be more invested in regional security. Risks of accidental conflict that could escalate. Such perspectives come from a sense of Chinese nationalism that rests heavily on linking ethnicity to political loyalty to the PRC.

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In the Brookings Foreign Policy Brief, Keeping the South China Sea in Perspective, Jeffrey Bader, Kenneth Lieberthal and Michael McDevitt outline steps the United States can take to pursue.S. The PRC is one of Singapores most important foreign relationships. Singapore, in comparison, stressed the importance of the legal process and the binding nature of its findings even though it is not a South China Sea claimant. The PRC is Singapores largest trading partner, as well as being the largest of the other member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (asean). The United States seeks to promote Asia-Pacific economic interdependence and dynamism and to mitigate security tensions in the region.

South China Sea Collection.
With geopolitical tensions rising in the South China Sea we have put together this collection of papers.
Browse South China Sea news, research and analysis from The Conversation.