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National game hockey essay in tamil

national game hockey essay in tamil

shape of Hockey stick is like curved hook, thats why goals and objectives on public health essays the games name is considered as Hockey. Bandy hockey, Ice hockey and, field Hockey. Players of a team in this game aimed to make maximum goals against other team by putting a ball into the opponents goal post using hockey stick. The current accepted version of the game of Field Hockey was developed by the British in the 19th century as a popular school game.

national game hockey essay in tamil

Hock ey is a national game of India however played all over the country.
The brilliant Indian hockey players has made the country so proud of them as they have.
Hockey is our national game.
The game is played all over the countr y in all the states.

In 1928, Indian Hockey team which was the first Non European team had won the gold medal, which was first Olympic gold medal of India, and after that India won many gold medals one by one. Indias performance in Hockey at various international forums was phenomenal during s period and that was probably why the sport became accepted as national sport in the country. He really mesmerized all the Indians in front of the Amsterdam crowd. The game can either be played on a grass field or on the turf, a specially made mat-like material. And Indian Players has done tremendous job and hard work for victory, the moment is still memorizing for every Indian. Importance of Hockey in India, hockey is a game of much importance in India as it is chosen as the national game because it had made India a world champion in hockey many times. But in August 2012, the Union ministry of Youth Affairs declared that India does not have a game that has been officially designated as its National game. The objective of the game is to hit, dribble and push the ball around the field and attempt to shoot it past the goalkeeper into the goal. Some of the outstanding players of golden era of hockey were Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh., Ajit Pal Singh, Ashok Kumar, Udham Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, Baboo Nimal, Mohammed Shahid, Gagan Ajit Singh, Leslie Claudius, etc.