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Essay comparing world war 1 and 2

essay comparing world war 1 and 2

war would have to ensue to control the powerful Germany. The economies fail because of loss of the war. Women joined the military forces to become nurses that helped heal soldiers who were wounded. One could say the true trigger was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand the prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and his wife, by Serbian Black Hand terrorists in Sarajevo, the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on June 28, 1914. The alliance system was also important in the causing of WW2, because after WW1, Germany was blamed for starting the war and had to pay 33 billion in reparations to the Allies (Doc. 4) which made Germany extremely upset data analysis softwares and soon got revenge by starting WW2.

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The cause of World War 2 was a world depression caused by the poor treaty of World War. Letter: E Quantity: Universal Quality: Negative. Also, pistols, lighter, machine guns and automatic rifles. At the end of the war Hider decided to take up politics. Compare and contrast the role of women at home during World War I and World War.

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Women fought for equal pay and made a drastic impact on the workforce. Compare and Contrast Essay The causes of World War I was different than the causes of the World War II in that the World War I started because of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria versus the Nazism started off by Adolf Hitler;. WW1 which led to, wW2. When Adolf Hitler comes to power the first thing he does is restore essay ghost in the shell the army and navy so Germany isnt completely defenselss and he wants the strongest army in the world to go back out and defeat the allied powers. Women were seen as house wives and were to follow the road of raising children and taking caring of the household.

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