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Essay on authoritative parenting

essay on authoritative parenting

about Diana Baumrind's parenting styles, I felt that, yes, she has captured the essence of what seems to be the 3 general and pervasive parenting styles in Western culture. Without being able to really put my finger on it at the time, her description of authoritative parenting seemed very. Authoritative parenting allows children to express opinions and allows their children to discuss options. By 'mental' I mean that her definition of authoritative parenting seems firmly rooted in somewhat rigid mental principles of rules and norms with little why do we need to learn math essay room for situational flexibility and space for following your intuition and gut feeling.

The factors were warmth and control. Deviation from these rules can result in some sort of punishment for the child.

The technique of authoritative parenting is too static and rigid to allow effective and flexible management of such complexity. This style of parenting can be viewed as a democratic and child centered approach to parenting in which parents hold high expectations for their children. However, to me in her description of authoritative parenting something seemed just a bit 'off'. Wendy Grolnick places particular emphasis on making space for the child's needs for asserting their will in order to respect their need for independence and autonomy. Stephen Greenspan calls parenting a "dance" where you figure out what to do as you dance. Well, I'm not going to question research! One of the main styles of parenting as the authoritative parenting style.