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An apology to Loren Eiseley, University of Pennsylvania Gazette Jan/February 2006 Bradbury, Ray. So where did the whole idea of stages come from? Above us may lie realms it is beyond our power to grasp.'..
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Oh, and thanks, Ingrid, for helping with my setup. Make sure that the nutrient granules have already melted. Items Needed: Seed of choice. Also, as I understand it, it is the formula Kratky used when..
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The decline in marriage among whites is occurring at a slower pace than among blacks, but both are experiencing rising trends in unmarried adults. During the 1940s, a shortage of men in shipyards, factories, and..
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Learning about the past has no value essay

learning about the past has no value essay

them solve the problem. So, I must totally disagree with the statement above that learning about the past has no value. Great philosophers and historians have written with the hope that their knowledge would affect not only on people of their generation, but also the future generations. Another reason is we can acquire knowledge from the past. Without their efforts, we wouldnt have a comfortable life, which we are enjoying right now. They can expand their capabilities by learning from the mistakes of their predecessors. Do you agree or disagree? First of all I think, that we should study the history of the past. For example, in the past, people use violent methods to solve problems.

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Some people think the past is valuable for those of us living in the present, but some people dont.   Philosophy is the science which cant be developped.

As a result, histories are valuable to of mice & men essay us in the present. If we didn't know about the past, how would we know we were human? Imagine that we learn by ourselves how to speak, walk, drive car, cook, read, etc. Moreover, learning history is to show respect to the people in the past. Lets see how knowledge of the past has affected todays generation. I believe that it happened not because scientists did not know about previous achievements in this area but because their new observations made them doubt about the well-known fact and they developed the new theory. Secondly, what about our modern knowledge of philosophy, it is the result of researching in the past.

learning about the past has no value essay

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